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Friday… I see (but not as well as I might)

I mentioned recently that I had another check-up, this time at the eye clinic at St Thomas’s. This happened on Monday, although I almost missed it because I was convinced that it was scheduled for Wednesday. As it happened, I was planning to go into Portsmouth by train, so when I got the reminder, (15 […]

Saturday… A new year and a new house!

Happy New Year to all my reader(s!) It has been over a month since I last posted, and a very busy month it has been too! I left the last post frantically sorting out stuff and packing boxes, while trying to arrange the completion and move into my new home. At one point I was […]

Monday… “Head on fire”

No, not with a hangover, just at the prospect that is all that is left to do! Moving out date is next week, but I am still busy sorting out the stuff accumulated over 20 years. Lots of emotion there too, having extended and modified the house into what we wanted, there are more emotional […]

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