Thursday 14th February… It’s here! (Today is Ib0!)

I’m sitting in the cafe area of Southampton hospital having just had my blood taken for the blood test, and I have just heard from Mairead that the Ibrutinib has arrived! It will take abou 90 minutes for it to be dispensed down to the outpatient pharmacy, butby that time the blood test results should start showing so once I have collected them, I’ll wander up to the outpatient clinic to see how they are doing! Good news though!

And this is what I had waiting for me at the outpatient pharmacy! 🙂

My daily dose

My blood results were OK, and hadn’t deteriorated too much since Monday, but there has been a deterioration since the end of January, particularly kidney and liver function markers. However I hope that now I have started the drug, that will start improving. My next check up is on Monday and I’ll post after that!

Onwards and Upwards! 🙂

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