Wednesday 23rd January … Impatient Inpatient

I’m beginning to get impatient now – I want to start the treatment!  I had a visit from  junior member of the team today saying that they would probably start tomorrow – nothing today apart from more fluids.

i haven’t felt too good today, stomach pains (‘gripes’) and a feeling of bloated ness or trapped wind.  It got so bad that I had to have a small amount of Oromorph this afternoon.  Trouble is that opiate pain killers slow bowel movement down which can compound the problem!

But it was good to have visitors this afternoon!  Chris (son-in-law) popped in for an hour on his way home from work, closely followed by Amanda.  Sorry I wasn’t quite as lively as normal.

I am still feeling a bit under par, so I think I’ll settle down early and hope I feel better in the morning.

Onwards and Upwards!

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