Tuesday 22nd January…Forwards

I must say that I went to sleep (and woke up) feeling  good.  I think the last few days have been frustrating, patching up the symptoms of the underlying problem without tackling that problem itself.  I know that there are good reasons for that (partly because the treatment plan isn’t clear cut) but now that decisions have been taken, I feel back on track again.

I had a reasonably good night, but noisy at times, but generally slept well, with the ever present IV pump.

Dr Lown and his team came round this morning, with another one of the nurse specialists (Amy).

We discussed treatment plans in general.  There may be problems with Ibrutinib because of previous treatment (and licensing conditions) but there are other options too.  One might be radiotherapy (MCL is very sensitive to radiation) and there are other more conventional chemotherapy protocols that have been developed.  This is a fast moving field – some of the treatment I had in the past is no longer routine today.

It is likely that once treatment starts, it will be as an outpatient, which will be good, but I don’t have any idea how long I will be in here.

I may have another update later, but meanwhile…

Onwards and Upwards!



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