Tuesday… What a cold weekend!

Not in its entirety, but for late August it was pretty chilly! However it was an opportunity to catch up on some of the little jobs that have been accumulating – the first off being a recent fault on a shower pump, that keeps cutting in and out. I suspect it is a control board, so I have ordered the replacement parts to fix for next week. Next off was the central heating, where there is a sticky control valve. I freed it up, but it still isn’t working correctly, so a new one is (or soon will be) on order.

My car also came in for some attention, a wash and I wanted to replace a foglamp – which means removing a wheel and the wheelarch liner – but I couldn’t get the wheel off, so that will have to wait until I replace the front tyres, and I shall tighten the wheel nuts by hand.

Finally I intended updating the software on the webserver (and in fact it was down for a large part of yesterday) but the new server doesn’t have an optical disk drive, so upgrades will be from a USB type device (actually a Compact Flash memory device that is treated as a hard drive) but that took ages to prepare – so that didn’t get done either!

However, there was a bit of socialising – out with friends Marion and Martin on Friday, to a new Indian restaurant in the village (very tasty too – thank you) and on Sunday I was out with fellow blogmaster Mark for a pint and some chilli nachos – and from that you may gather that my sore mouth is getting better!

Today is also the first day of a contract extension, so more good news, and on Thursday and Friday I shall be having my next session of ECP! And I jumped on the scales on Saturday – just over the 11 stone mark!

So in all ways… Onwards and Upwards!


4 Responses to “Tuesday… What a cold weekend!”

  1. Richard on 02 Sep 2009 at 7:16 #

    Glad you had a good Bank Holiday Peter.
    Perhaps you should change your tyre fitters………..wheel nuts should be tightened to the recommended torque, especially alloy pretty rims.
    I have bought the ladies in my family an extending wheel brace each so that they, or someone helping stands a better chance of getting nuts off. I have one too as a puncture on the highway is not something to be recommended and anything that makes changing a wheel easier and quicker can only be a good thing.

    At home I have for years had a ‘spider’ which allows two handed force.

    Having had a wheel come off through sloppy workmanship in the 80s it is something that I am a little paranoid about now.

    best stuff


  2. Gillian on 02 Sep 2009 at 21:51 #

    OMG that sounds seriously scary… keeping spiders,, let alone the gifts you give to the ‘ladies’ in your family!!!

    personally, I just keep the number of my breakdown company to hand.. that’s what we pay them for!

    and lots of cheer – just completed a booze top up to france, so the party is at our house 🙂

    xxx lots of love xxx


  3. Richard on 03 Sep 2009 at 7:52 #

    Thank you for the invite Gillian but it would be a long drive back after a ‘skin full’ (I am never quite sure if that means filling oneself up to the skin or drinking a skin full of wine as it used to be stored)

    Breakdown Cos are good back up but sometimes you don’t want to wait. It only takes about 10 minutes to change a wheel on my car thanks to a little gizmo that helps line up the wheel when putting it back on.

    Oh I forgot that the crew have uniforms and big vehicles in bright colours………….

    One of our local Indian eating houses was featured recently on Radio 4 as it was raided for employing illegals. The manager told me that he thought it was OK as at least they were working not like some illegal immigrants who claim benefits ( I never understand how they can do that).

    So Peter you never know who has a hand in preparing your grub however good it tastes. Probably the new chefs from Bengal are better than the locals so just enjoy, check out the red dye though.

    Pop round to Gillian’s to wash it down with red wine, pix on Facebook?

    Richard of to mow a meadow.

  4. Gillian on 03 Sep 2009 at 21:14 #

    well, it would be no good putting the photies on facebook Richard, you’re not on there!!

    Need new piccies for security cards to get into daughter’s school, heard that they have new measures for keeping swine flu out by keeping all the kids out…… well, that’s what we think they’re trying to do!!