Sunday … Very wet!

Just realised nearly two months has gone by since I last posted – probably one of the longest gaps – :(

That harvest of beans was almost the last – I did discover some mature pods, so I have kept the beans to see of they will germinate next year. The bean poles are out, and safely stored away, as are some of the more tender plants. The leaves are off the trees and with the torrential rain we have had recntly, autumn is well and truly here!

I had another small snagette with the heating, but this was only a motor on a motorised valve, which took ten minutes to change – just as well as it has been quite cold as well as wet.

I have got back into my dissertation, having read the comments from the last submission, so the re-work is under way.

No news on my cataract appointment yet, that needs to be chased up, but other wise all is ticking along! O&U!

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  1. Richard on 16 Dec 2012 at 10:04 #

    Hello Peter

    My motorized valve packed up too, must be a campaigners prWeoblem. It shouldn’t have been a problem but the valves either side didn’t hold so some unintended draining took place.

    I have left our bean poles in place, so much for crop rotation but they looked so good when full and this year we planted sweet peas on half of each side. Looked good and smelt beautiful.

    Have a good Christmas and New Year