Saturday 14th September… bearing up! (Grrr)

I had clinic last Monday and took my overnight (or strictly, over week bag) with me as I was expecting to be admitted for mor cytarabine on the ward. However I was told that a better solution was to have more Subcutaneously as the release profile is gentler and the individual doses are lower. The normal course is 5 sessions on consecutive days, but I was to have 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I didn’t get my blood results in the clinic, but they were phoned through and showed an increase in WBC and a slight decrease in Hb. Not brilliant news. I am still lethargic with low energy levels, and a planned trip way had to be postponed 🙁 the third one this year.

I have also been in a bit of back pain which I think is pressure related from my gut as it seems to come on about 6 hours after eating. This gradually go worse as the week progressed until the last two nights when it has been milder and shorted duration! Progress??!!

The chemo itself was a doddle – taking 30 seconds for a sub-cutaneous injection on my abdomen. The hardest part was summoning the energy to walk to the outpatient department!

I have my next clinic on Monday so I hope there will be an improvement in blood chemistry and we can move back to a less aggressive regime.

Once again I am indebted to the supportive friends who have taken me to and from the hospital, and sent me messages of support during the inevitable dark moments!

But I’m feeling chirpier and better in myself, so I’m more than happy to say (go on guess…)

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Gill on 15 Sep 2019 at 1:04 pm #

    Good luck navigating the benefits system. My advice. to stand a chance, is to paint the worst picture, without actually lying!!! Not easy, as it does nothing for your self respect. GOOD LUCK. I was assessed by a child, who arrived dressed in pyjamas and claimed to be an A&E nurse – had soooo much insight into what life with a chronic condition is like!!!! Have someone else with you as a witness when you are assessed, taking notes and remember, it is a tick box exercise and the companies doing the work are paid by results i.e. reducing numbers eligible!!! It was a hateful experience!!!! Consult a charity with experience too who know the system and can give great advice and support.
    And, the form filling is a nightmare. If your sight is involved , get someone else to do this – register that you have too much difficulty!!!!!! If you do it yourself, you will probably tick a box for ‘ eyesight good’.
    As I said, BEST OF LUCK. I found the process hateful. At least I can tick the box for ‘falls’ now. Sam’s grand daughter wanted to go in the garden – I fell concentrating on her – not a good look! Nothing broken fortunately.

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