Wednesday 14 August… mixed news

Last night, just before I went to bed, there was some concern that my nosy looked a bit runny, so before I could say ‘culture’ two swabs were taken, one from my nose and one from my throat. This morning I was woken by the sound of rusting paper of plastic sheets. And when I woke I saw my bed was surrounded by what looked like plsstic poster art screens. Next minute a nurse came in, wearing a plastic apron and mask, to explain that I was in isolation in case I had ‘flu. “A bit over the top” I thought, looking at the gaps between the screens and the gaps at the top, so I couldn’t see how more effective they could be than the curtains, apart from the fact that they would focus attention on anti-infection precautions. It was (good news) explained that I would probably be moved to a side room.

I was also pleased but disappointed that my vision was neither better nor worse than last night.

As if on cue, a neurologist arrived to explain the scan results. It was a tiny stroke – or infarct, blocking one of the veins in my visual cortex, depriving brain cells of oxygen, killing them. While there is a small possibility of improvement, the visual cortex doesn’t repair itself very well, and if there is any, it won’t be apparent for 9 to 12 months. The most significant effect is that I cannot drive, possibly for the rest of my life. This has been pre-occupi g me for much of the day, solutions and the limitations this might impose.

Fortunately I had a visitor just after that, looking very fetching in his free plastic gown and mask!

I was scheduled to have an outpatient appointment with the eye (!) outpatient department this afternoon, so I assumed I would be taken down there (one floor below). However I was moved to my side room and by appointment time, nothing had happened so I rang them to explain the situation. I was left with the impression that they would sort it. By 4:30 nothing had happened so I rang again to be told that there was no record of my earlier call, but someone would get me – but nothing happened and there is only so much I can do!

About an hour ago I got the news that the swabs were negative and that I was no longer in isolation. Good news but the better news is that I can stay in the side room for at least another night, so I might get a better night’s sleep.

I think I’m moving Onesrds and Upwards, but the loss of the ability to drive is a bit of a blow. Still, I’ve overcome worse and right now, I could murder a beer! 🙂

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