Saturday 28 September… Back on the ward!

The days after the blood transfusion were pretty good and managed some walks in the local park

However by Saturday I was flagging again so I attended the Monday clinic fully prepared to be admitted – and I was not disappointed. My WBC when it came back was around 300.

I spent a night on the acute oncology ward befor moving back to D3! The plan is to have another more intensive course of IV chemo to get the white cells under control as the sub-cutaneous dose was not succeeding, so to make life easier, I have been fitted with a PICC line (a longer term version of a canula that hours into a deep vein in the arm and is fed through to a vein just above the heart making taking blood samples and administering IV drugs much easier. Just as well as I developed a lung infection and the antibiotics go straight into the line!

I had the first dose of chemo on Thursday and the second and third today. I get the next two on Monday and the last on on Wednesday.

The good need is that after one dose the WBC has started falling. Less welcome is the dry mouth and loss of appetite although I can get high calorie supplements. The oedema on one leg has got slightly worse but some support stockings and diuretic drugs may help that, as will an improvement in kidney function – already noted as a result of the fluids given. I’m also having an ultrasound Check on my legs in case there is a hint of DVT.

So to sum up, I might not be a very well bear, but I’m in the best place and I’m still alive and kicking – so Onwards and Upwards! 🙂

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  1. Liz on 30 Sep 2019 at 4:10 pm #

    Have just managed to catch-up. Wow! You have been going through the mill again! I hope the weekend wasn’t too boring and that you’re feeling like a bit better bear today!

    At least, you have to behave yourself in hospital!

    Lots and f love xxx

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