The final onwards and upwards…

To all friends, family and avid readers of ‘Peter’s Hospital Diary’,

At 1am on 18th October, my Dad took his final breath as the National Anthem played on the BBC World Service. Typically, in true Dad-style he went out fighting…

Optimistic and stubborn to the end, he received his last round of radiotherapy just that morning, assuring us we still had Plans D, E and F to go!

It was unexpected how quickly this came about but it was a calm and peaceful end to his battle. As he said in his final hours, ‘no one can say I haven’t gone out fighting’.

We find solace in the fact that he was surrounded by friends, family and wonderful hospital staff; knowing in his last moment just how much he was loved.

We are all so proud of the unwavering fight he gave and his dignified acceptance and tranquility.

Funeral preparations are underway, following his strict instructions, and we will be sharing details with friends and family after the weekend.

In the words of my Dad; ‘Onwards and Upwards!’.

All our love, Peter’s family.

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  1. Julia on 20 Oct 2019 at 8:07 pm #

    Thank you for this lovely last post. Peter was an amazing friend and always so positive even in the darkest moments, even though he did say to me this summer when we spoke on the phone that he was finding it very hard to keep cheerful at times.

    We shared some wonderful times together not that long ago in England, Switzerland and Turkey. We first met on my 16th birthday (Peter was a school year above me at the boys’ grammar school and I was at the same girls’ grammar school as Anne) and met up again in 2010 after both leading busy lives in different countries. Together we revisited the past in Four Oaks, stayed with Elisabeth and John, visited old school friends and family, discovered Istanbul and spent many happy days in London, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Lancashire, Yorkshire, sun and snow in the Swiss Alps, thermal baths and my home in Lausanne. Peter was in remission, still with some after-effects of some of the treatment, but always with a zest for life and adventure, rejoicing in every new or re-discovered activity.

    My thoughts are with all his family whom he loved so much.

    May he rest in peace with sunshine and a gentle breeze to navigate onwards and upwards.

  2. David Harris on 24 Oct 2019 at 12:05 pm #

    I’ve known Peter for many years thru the techie website where he (and I) was an Admin of the Forums.

    Peter was probably THE most respected member of the Forum, which has over 300,000 members !

    He was a genius with not using the infamous Banhammer, being open to persuasion with of some of the more wayward members 🙂

    I’m certain that his passing will be greatly mourned.

    Safe journey onwards and upwards Peter.

    David (g8ina)

  3. Iain (aka Ferral) on 24 Oct 2019 at 12:25 pm #

    I have known Peter for nigh on 10 years but never met him face to face. He certainly was llways stubborn as just a few weeks back we were talking about rule changes on the forums which Peter didn’t want to change! Then he mentioned he wouldn’t be around for a little while due to intensive chemo.

    I received a call from another Admin on the forums a little while ago informing me of his passing and I am truly heartbroken. Such an awesome guy with a sharp mind.

    He will be missed

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