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Tuesday 13 August… And another thing…

It was a funny day for me yesterday, a couple of temperature spikes (more antibiotics) and a spell of feeling lethargic, but I went to bed feeling quite well. The person in the bed adjacent to mine is a snorer, but a set of earplugs sorted that! However, my midnight observations showed that my oxygen […]

Sunday 11 August…Just as things were going so well!

Last week was trundling along quite well until I got to Friday when I started to feel a bit lethargic. I didn’t have any energy at all and didn’t get up until mid afternoon. On Friday night I developed a splitting headache – really intense – and not feeling at all well. So I ended […]

Tuesday 6th August… Post clinic

Yesterday was clinic day, but I hadn’t been given a time, soon fixed by a phone call, but it was an early one that didn’t give me time to give blood in advance. So I arrived at the allotted time, gave my blood sample and waited to be seen. And waited… and waited… and waited! […]

Friday 2nd August…. Home? (I hope!)

I can’t quite believe I have been here for a week! Definitely time to go home! I had my unit of blood last night Much the same as the platelets, but a much darker colour! However the transfusion was not without its moments and an hour in to the three hour transfusion I suffered ‘Canula […]

Thursday 1st August… All going well!

I had my infusion of platelets last night and I’ve just had a visit by one of the team to say that the platelet count is now up at 100 (taken last night after the infusion). However my Hb is a bit low at at 75 (or 7.5 depending in the units) and they want […]

Sunday 28th July… unexpected trip to A&E

Not the best way to spend a Sunday, but I think I fainted the morning and on the way down bashed my nose, lip and head. Blood on the carpet and definitely woozy! On advice I called 999 and an ambulance came and picked me up and took me to A&E. Not my finest hour! […]

Sunday 21st July… last round!

A lot of sitting around today – things seem to go slowly in hospital on a Sunday so I didn’t have bloods taken until about 11:30, but the reslts came back about 20 minutes ago at 150! I have just started the final dose of chemo and I hope to be away in about an […]

Saturday 20th July… Eviction!

Well, I suppose it was too good to last, but last night I was evicted from my side room! I can’t complain though, I had no clinical need and they needed it for someone who does (either because they are susceptible to infection or have an infection themselves). So I am back in the bay […]

Friday 19 June… The wait is over!

Yes, I received a call last night to say that there would be a bed available for me by 8:30! I had called the splendid Lymphoma Nurse Specialist earlier in the day to find out what was happening so I knew it was very likely, but it was a huge relief to get the call […]

Wednesday 16 July… A waiting game

Just realised that I havent posted for a few days. Its been a bit of a torrid week. I had the rituximab as an outpatient last week, so I was hoping for a significant reduction in my white cell count when I went to clinic on Monday. Alas, that was not the case, in fact […]

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