Thursday… Good news!

Yesterday saw me getting the train up to Kings College Hospital for my four monthly haematology check up. This was the second time I have been to Kings since the Bone Marrow Transplant unit co-located there. There was a little more organisation, although blood samples (a regular armful!) are taken elsewhere in the hospital first.

I saw Dr Kazmi, the consultant, and we had a long chat. He confirmed that the after five years in remission, although there is always some risk of relapse, the statistcs take a sharp turn in my favour! He confirmed that my blood counts were good, and although my immunoglobulin levels are still slightly low, they are not that far outside the normal ranges. There were no physical abnormalities, so I am now on annual check-ups! We had a chat about the GvHd, and how good the ECP treatment was in improving my quality of life.

Good news! Next check up is at the eye clinic when I need to discuss getting my cataract operation done.

I have an old friend, Melinda, who is a consultant at King’s, so we were able to meet up for lunch (thank you!) before hand, and catch up on things, and I also saw one of the nurses (Debbie) who looked after me during my various stays on Samaritan ward at Guy’s! Small world!

I got home safely, ready go to sub-aqua club, when I received an e-mail about my dissertation result. Not completely good news as I didn’t quite get the required marks, but not a complete failure as I can revise and re-submit. I am waiting for a list of things that I need to address for the re-submission. A bit disappointing, as it means I won’t graduate until next year, but not a total disaster.

So onwards and upwards! (even though I am going diving this weekend!) 🙂


Tuesday… end of August!

Time has flown by, at the end of August already. Nothing much to report on the health front, all seems to be ticking along OK, with my next haematology check up in September. Much of my time has been taken up with my MSc dissertation, and helping out fellow blogmaster Mark with his new venture ttfntv. Go and have a look! I have also been playing with twitter, so I may end up having a twitter account linking to this blog. Maybe more next time, but the idea is to be able to press a button to tweet the content or to follow it. Still working twitter out!

I went diving again a few weeks ago – a much better experience and I think I have got my weighting about right. Still one or two kit problems (leak round the neck seal of my dry suit) but they are easily remedied.

So still busy and very much onwards and upwards!

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